The desirer to win can causes people to change and think differently

The desirer to win can causes people to change and think differently

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Ferris 1 Matthew M. Ferris Mrs. Wren Pre IB English 5 24 Sep. 2006 The Price of Victory The desire to win can cause people to change and think differently. It brings out a completely different person in you. It can bring out the dark side in someone, one in which, later we regret we ever had. I see this now looking back at the events which lead to our Texas State Championship win. Even though it was not my idea to do what we did, I now know I should have stopped it. First of all, people should know that what happened was not a result of a single incident but rather a long string of fights and rivalry between our two baseball teams. I guess it all started about two years ago, when John, the best player on the Falcons, ran over our catcher without any reason. That was the start of the biggest rivalry I have ever seen on a 13 year old team. In fact, twice the rivalry got so bad that a fist fight broke out between our two teams. I’m not talking about just one or two people. It was team vs. team with both dugouts cleared. The worst part of our rivalry though, was that it wasn’t just confined to the baseball diamond. When we graduated middle school both of our teams went to the same high school. This just deepened the hatred, because every day we would go all out to try and make the other team miserable. Then they would do the same to us. In fact, on just the third week of school the Falcons, lead by their team captain John, tried to beat up two of our players in the locker room while the coach wasn’t there. Luckily I saw them in time and went to get our team, the Rangers. Together we snuck up on them and turned the tables. The fight probably looked like we were at the FIFA World Cup right after the end of a huge rivalry. It was total chaos, and I think some of the people where actually
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Ferris 2 hitting their own team! Finally, our dim-witted coach heard all the screams and broke up the fight with the help of all the people he could find. Of course the fight did lead to about six suspensions, me being one of them. The important thing though, was that more of their players were hurt than ours were. After that huge fight, things took a less violent approach and focused more on trash talking and making fun of each other, and there was no place where more of this happened than in Mr. Drew’s class. Mr. Drew was about normal height and had hair that looked like he tried to comb it but got bored and stopped halfway through. His glasses were as thick as a finger and he was probably deaf or at least had a hearing disorder. He was also probably the most oblivious
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The desirer to win can causes people to change and think differently

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