The Desperate

The Desperate - The Desperate: In this first ring, we find...

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The Desperate: In this first ring, we find those who sought for a honest life but were dealt an unfavorable hand. These are sinners who have constantly stolen goods and have felt no remorse for their actions. However, unlike others, these are sinners who stole out of necessity, and not greed. They where shoved into the lowest parts of society and forced, as their only means of survival, to steal. Nevertheless, their debt must be paid. Here we see large baskets of delicious food scattered around with the words “private property”. However, all the sinners do is lie helplessly on the rocky surface, starving to death. The reason for this is seen very soon when a recent arrival, who has fended of starvation for 5 long days, reaches for a plump red apple beside him. On his first bite tiny hooks shoot out attaching themselves to the victim, representing his capture for the crime he committed. The Drunks/addicts: In the second ring, we find those who chose to toss away reason and thought for simple pleasure and alleviation pain. These are the people whose lives where constantly in a daze due to their own choosing. Also found here, are people that not only wasted their own lives, but who hurt others while they where under the influence. In this place nothing can be seen but a small distant light somewhere up above. This represents the place of reason and progress the sinners constantly chose to throw away in their life time. From this small light, some of the sinners can barley be seen, as they constantly run, screaming about some invisible monster that follows them day and night. This represents the allusions that normally come with being drunk to remind them of the path they chose. The abusive parents: In the third ring are cowardly parents who chose to blame and harm their children for their own mistake. These are sinners who caused their children or spouse a life of misery and fear. Unlike drunks, these sinners were well aware of what they were doing but yet still chose to hit their family anyway, thus pushing them to level three. Here the whole place is covered in water with many jagged boulders. In the water are countless tied up sinners which are helplessly thrashed against the sharp boulders for the rest of eternity. The water in this ring represents the parents
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The Desperate - The Desperate: In this first ring, we find...

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