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Example - Solar Pankels

Example - Solar Pankels - atriate rketing/Sales ector...

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patriate arketing/Sales rector stallation oreman ngineering rector xpatriate ustomer Service Director ccounting & Finance rector MGT466 International Business Project Name: Team: Section: 466 (01) Score: _____________ 1
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Executive Memo To: Board of Directors From: Chairperson of International Expansion Committee Date: December 7, 2010 Subject: International Expansion Our company, Green Energy Solutions, has been producing landscape neutral solar and wind energy products since 2004. By creating a highly engineered manufacturing system my employee cross section is both innovative and efficient. Twenty five engineers created a fully automated production facility that requires a support staff of fewer than fifteen full time employees. These core employees are responsible for sales, accounting and logistics while members of the engineering team manage a temp workforce in the production facility that fluctuates from ten to fifty. We have created a supply chain that resides within 100 miles which permits our just in time manufacturing methods to be easily managed. We want to expand operations to Grand Cayman by using the joint venture entry mode. Grand Cayman is appropriate due to current political environment regarding energy as well as its position in the tropics. Similarly, the lack of direct taxes in Grand Cayman makes this investment favorable. The goal of expanding to Grand Cayman is to add a service and installation division to Green Energy Solutions. We have excelled at envisioning, designing, and producing products that integrate seamlessly with existing landscapes. Delivering an energy solution that does not detract from the aesthetics of the environment while providing an efficiency that exceeds our competition will insure our success. Also, Grand Cayman has suspended the normal import duties on solar panels and other green energy products (Kidd, 2010). This shift in the political atmosphere has instantly improved our marketability. Grand Cayman is unlike most Caribbean Islands. While it shares sun exposure and similar wind patterns, it has a far superior banking system and a much higher per capita income. By taking advantage of the Energy Buy Back Program recently approved and implemented (Turnbill, 2010) and developing programs in cooperation with the local banks and government, we will furnish materials and labor required for installation with a near zero out of pocket expense to the consumer. We will use the architecture of current United States Federal programs which leverage future commercial energy savings to finance the purchase and installation of more energy efficient products as a guide for creating the loan program on Grand Cayman. Moreover, success in Grand Cayman will make expansion throughout the Islands of the Caribbean and Central America much easier to promote. Developing these programs amongst a population that presents little risk to the lenders will smooth the transition to populations that present higher financial risk. We will be promoting sustainability and a healthier environment, while helping residents fight the increasing energy costs.
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