MGT466 Deresfky chapter 7 study guide outline

MGT466 Deresfky chapter 7 study guide outline - a....

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MGT 466 International Management Chapter 7 Topics, Vocabulary, and Models of International Management Vocabulary terms: Cooperative strategy Joint venture Equity strategic alliance Non-equity strategic alliance Global strategic alliances Strategic intent IJV control 1. Types of Strategic Alliances a. Joint Venture b. Equity Alliance c. Non-equity Alliance d. Global alliance 2. Motives for strategic alliances a. Avoid import barriers b. Share costs and risks c. Gain access to specific international markets d. Reduce political risk e. Speed of entry into new or converging markets 3. Joint ventures in the Russian Federation 4. Knowledge Management in alliances a. Knowledge transfer b. Knowledge transformation c. Knowledge harvesting 5. Problems or challenges with alliances
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Unformatted text preview: a. Partnerships require long time periods to develop. b. Shared ownership, different cultures, integrating complex business functions & processes, power battles, decision making conflicts. c. Controlling IP and knowledge developed within the JV race to learn d. Managing tension between cooperation and competition. e. Unfair or unbalanced distributions of benefits 6. Guidelines for successful alliances a. Long courtship & prenuptial agreement b. Partner with compatible goals c. Partner with complementary skills, products, and other capabilities. d. Define knowledge to be shared and not to be shared. e. Get benefits before you break up the alliance....
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MGT466 Deresfky chapter 7 study guide outline - a....

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