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General Psych 1 - General Psych Psychology peoples thinking...

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General Psych Psychology – peoples’ thinking, behaving, and interacting; wherever there is people, there is psychology; the science of understanding individuals (animals and people); the scientific study of thought and behavior Health psychology – the study of the role that psychological factors play in regard to physical health and illness (examples: how stress affects people’s lives and is linked to illness and immune function; role of social factors in how people interact with the healthcare system; disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation) Social psychology – the study of how living among others influences thought, feeling, and behavior (examples: research on prejudice, racism; how one person perceives and treats people in other groups; why are we attracted to certain people; why is someone less likely to help another when he/she is alone) Psychologist – people who study human behavior and thought Psychiatrist – have training in medicine and an MD degree; in addition to offering therapy, they can prescribe drugs Freud’s view of abnormal behavior – assumed that the unconscious mind is the most powerful force behind thought and behavior; experiences in childhood our most influential in shaping our personalities as adults; people use psychological defenses to protect themselves against threatening impulses, thoughts, feelings, and fantasies; unconscious repression is at the heart of all maladaptive adult behavior DSM – IV – TR – used to diagnose mental disorders; includes diagnoses for more than 250 disorders Empiricism – the view that all knowledge and thoughts come from experience - John Locke argued that the mind begins as a blank slate, onto which experience writes
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General Psych 1 - General Psych Psychology peoples thinking...

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