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Chem 481 F10 Metabolism Material 11-22-10

Chem 481 F10 Metabolism Material 11-22-10 - Systems...

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Chem 481 F10  Dr. Wood Metabolism Material Covered with Text References Exam 3 Glycolysis Citric acid cycle Since Exam 3 Electron transport Metabolism Handouts on carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism Fatty acids Fatty acid metabolism-digestion and beta-oxidation, Text section 17.1-2 Odd-numbered carbon chain fatty acids, Text section 17.2 Ketone body synthesis and utilization, Text section 17.3 Fatty acid biosynthesis, Text section 21.1 Biosynthesis of triacyl glycerides, glycerophospholipids, Text sections 17.2-3 Gluconeogenesis/glycogen Gluconeogenesis – Cori Cycle, Text section14.4 Glycogen synthesis and breakdown, Text section 15.4 Amino acid metabolism I will give you a packet on amino acid metabolism and metabolism General Amino acid metabolism basics, Text section 18.1 Urea cycle, Text section 18.2 Amino acid metabolic groups-catabolism and anabolism, Text sections18.3 and 22.2 One-carbon folate metabolism Text sections 18.3 p 689-692
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Unformatted text preview: Systems integration, substrate level and hormonal control of metabolism, Text sections 23.2, 23-3, 15. 3, 15.5, 16.3 Shuttle systems glycerol-3-phosphate shuttle Text fig. 19-30, p. 732; malate oxaloacetate fig. 14-19, p. 555; malate-oxaloacetate-aspartate shuttle fig. 19-29, p. 731; citrate-oxaloacetate-malate-malic enzyme shuttle system fig. 21-10, p. 813 Be able to follow and understand a given reaction sequence and understand the chemistry – understand how and why these reactions or pathways occur Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Text section 17.2 Pentose phosphate pathway and carbohydrate feeder pathways, Text sections 14.5, 14.2 fig, 14-10, p.543 Biomolecules derived from amino acids—neurotransmitters, heme metabolism and porphorias, Text section 22.3 Will cover if time permits Cholesterol metabolism, Text sections 21.4...
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Chem 481 F10 Metabolism Material 11-22-10 - Systems...

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