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Grammar Fair Quiz-1

Grammar Fair Quiz-1 - preferably from this class But you...

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1 English 316 Grammar Fair Quiz For the Grammar Fair Quiz you will report on how the usage presentations improved your ability to be more correct in your writing. Specifically, you will report on two usage principles from the Grammar Fair which are the most relevant to improving your own writing. For each principle you will need to do the following: 1. Explain the rule from the Grammar Fair presentation. 2. Show an example from your own writing that demonstrates an instance when you misused the grammatical principle–this could be taken from anything you have written,
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Unformatted text preview: preferably from this class. But you may refer to old essays, e-mails, papers, etc. 3. Explain why correct observance of this principle makes your writing more rhetorically effective . This can be a general explanation or specific to your own example; you just need to demonstrate that you understand the function of the principle. To systematically address the requirements of the quiz (report), you may format your report numerically. Length: Approximately one half to a full page....
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