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Chem. 353/354 Lab Write-Up Format Sheet Label each of the bolded components in your write-up using the order shown below . Complete the bold red components before coming to lab and the bold black components during and after the experiment. ( 1 pt ) Fill out the boxed information at the top of each page, and label each of the components in the order shown here. ( 1 pt ) Reference the source of the procedure you are following. ( 1 pt ) Write out a one sentence objective . ( 1 pt ) Write out a balanced equation for the reaction, or a structure for the natural product being isolated. ( 1 pt ) When performing a reaction, draw out the mechanism . ( 1 pt ) Make a table for the data. Include the data needed to make your experiment reproducible, and the data referenced in any calculations. ( 1 pt) Write out safety issues specific to the experiment. ( 2 pts ) Provide calculations with units of measurement for each numerical
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Unformatted text preview: value. Use dimensional analysis to display your work. ( 1 pts ) Use the left side column for your abbreviated stepwise procedure and the right side column for your observations, with each observation corresponding to the step in the procedure immediately to the left. You should ignore the line down the middle of each notebook page for all the other sections. ( 2 pt ) Provide a conclusion that explains how you know the objective was, or was not, reached. ( 3 pts ) Provide the question and the answer to all assigned questions . ( 4 pts ) Attach and fully analyze (draw structures and assign peaks) the supporting information (spectra). ( 1 pt ) Sign and date each page. *(For most experiments, limit the handwritten portion of your write-up to 2-3 notebook pages. Refer to the online write-up sample as an example.)...
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