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CHem 353-19 - 4 Draw a splitting tree that accounts for the...

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Post Lab Questions – Steam Distillation (You may write the answers only in your notebook for the post lab questions if you choose.) 1. Name at least two advantages of using steam distillation (technique 13.6) over simple distillation (technique 13.3). 2. Explain why the distillate collected from the steam distillation of cinnamon is cloudy. 3. Locate the signal in the proton spectrum below of the highlighted hydrogen atom H 5 . Convert the signal values for this hydrogen from ppm to hertz. (See technique 21.7 for an explanation of how to convert from ppm to hertz.)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Draw a splitting tree that accounts for the observed pattern for H 5 and then calculate both the cis and the trans coupling constants. (See technique 21.9 for an explanation of splitting trees.) 5. What would the signal for H 5 look like if both the cis and the trans coupling constants where identical? 6. Consider the various resonance forms for m-nitrostyrene and draw the structure with a δ + symbol on all the atoms that bear a partial positive charge. 7. Finally, assign the numbered labels on m-nitrostyrene below to the signals in the spectrum....
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