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Chem 353-46

Chem 353-46 - ethanol how does this relate to azeotropic...

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Post Lab Questions – Nitration 1 and 2 (You may write the answers only in your notebook for the post lab questions if you choose.) 1. Using the more reactive of the two rings, propose a mechanism for the nitration of phenyl benzoate to form a mono nitrated product. 2. Explain why p -nitrophenol is a stronger acid than phenol itself. Would p - methoxyphenol be a stronger or weaker acid than phenol? Explain. 3. You may have noticed the in the lab we often use 95% ethanol instead of 100%
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Unformatted text preview: ethanol; how does this relate to azeotropic mixtures? (see technique 13.5) 4. Explain how mixture melting points can be helpful in distinguishing between two compounds that have essentially the same melting point. (see technique 14.1) 5. Below is a list of products from the nitration of phenol. Explain how the most acidic product is not the last to exit a silica gel column. Compound Elution Order Mp ( o C) pK a 1 st 45 7.23 OH N + O-O N + O O-2 nd 107 4.00 3 rd 114 7.15...
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