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Unformatted text preview: Thorax, 25 bones Thorax, Sternum Sternum Manubrium Sternal Body Xiphoid angle process Attachment Attachment of abdominal muscles abdominal Jugular notch Clavicular notch Notches for costal Notches cartilages cartilages Ribs, 12 pair Ribs, 1st 7 pairs attach directly to the sternum 8th to 10th attach indirectly to the sternum via costal cartilage (false ribs) (false Costal Costal margin– fusion of costal cartilages of 8-10 ribs ribs 11th and 12th only attach to vertebrae (floating ribs) (floating Ribs, 12 pair Ribs, Landmarks Head Head Neck Tubercle Tubercle or tuberculum tuberculum Articular part Non-articular part Angle Shaft Costal Costal end Costal groove Costal nerve, artery and vein Costal ...
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