106 - Physics 106, Winter Semester 2011 Instructor: Harold...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 106, Winter Semester 2011 Instructor: Harold T. Stokes, N271 ESC Phones: office: 801-422-2215, home: 801-375-9702, cell: 801-372-3561 E-mail: [email protected] Course home page: gardner.byu.edu/106w Office hours: whenever I’m in my office or by appointment Textbook: Serway & Vuille, College Physics , 8th edition, Vol. 2 or Serway & Faughn, College Physics , 5th, 6th, or 7th edition, Vol. 2 Identification Number: Each of you will receive a personal identification number for this course. Most of you will receive this ID number by email before the first day of classes. If you have not received it by the first day of classes, you can obtain your ID number over the internet. Go to our course home page and click on “Class Identification Numbers.” Reading: Reading assignments are shown on the course schedule on p. 3 in in this packet. For example, the first reading assignment is 15 .1–4. This means sections 1–4 in Chapter 15 of the textbook. The reading assignment includes everything in those sections, including examples and figure captions. You should complete this assignment before coming to class. Quizzes: Multiple-choice quiz questions will be given throughout each lecture. You will answer the questions electronically using an “iclicker” transmitter available at the bookstore. On the reverse side of the transmitter is an alphanumeric ID code for your transmitter. Go to our course home page on the internet ( not the URL written on the transmitter) and register your transmitter ID number. We need this information in order to give you credit for quizzes. If the ID number is illegible, go to the Center for Teaching and Learning Walk-in Center at 3704 HBLL (enter through the southwest door of the building), and they can electronically read the ID number for you. We will use the transmitters every time we meet, beginning with the second lecture. The first quiz question during each lecture will be, “Did you complete the reading assign- ment?” You will receive two points for answering “yes” and one point for answering “no.” (You receive a point for at least being in class on time.) This first question will be available for your answer during the first five minutes of class. You will not be allowed to make up a missed quiz for any reason (tardy, absent, forgot transmitter, dead batteries, etc.). However, we will change your three scores with the most missed points to perfect scores. Quizzes are worth 5% of your final grade. Homework: Homework assignments will be submitted over the internet. See pp. 5–6 in this packet for more details. Homework is worth 25% of your final grade. Tutorial Lab: A physics tutorial lab is provided in N304 ESC where you may go to receive individual help from teaching assistants. A link on our course home page provides information about the schedule and the names and photographs of the tutors. There is also a link to a page where you may give feedback about the tutorial lab or about any particular tutor....
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106 - Physics 106, Winter Semester 2011 Instructor: Harold...

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