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328-1 - CLASS POLICIES David A Taylor Associate Professor...

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CLASS POLICIES David A. Taylor Associate Professor of Family Life 1. Attendance is expected. You will be responsible for discussions, problems, explanations, demonstrations, and material given in class. If you decide not to attend class, you must accept any consequences that decision may bring. 2. Tardiness is unacceptable. 3. Assignments and explanations will be given only once. If, because of absence or tardiness, you miss an explanation, get it from a classmate. 4. No late work will be accepted. If an assignment is half complete, turn it in for half credit. Work is due at the beginning of class. Work that comes in after the start of class is late and will not be accepted. 5. The only exceptions to these policies are for those with university-excused absences, serious illness, or a death in the immediate family. University excused absences are approved in advance and make-up work will be arranged when the request for absence is submitted. In the case of serious illness or a death, please notify me immediately. If you are unable to contact me personally, you may leave a voice-mail message at
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