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BYU Foods Lab Evaluation Sheet Complete top section before cooking Date:______________ Section:___ Kitchen:___ Food Prepared:__________________ Unit Duty (found on pillar bulletin board) : _______________________________________ Name: Last, First Check box if: (-3 pts not complete) On Time | Has Apron | Read Recipes & Viewed Pictures _______________, ____________ _______________, ____________ _______________, ____________ _______________, ____________ Manager Duties: Manager Duties : 1. Completes lab sheet, time line and recipe(s) 2. Major cooking 3. Completes unit duty 4. Gets clean linens and puts used linens in laundry Assistant Manager Duties : 1. Gets supplies from table 2. Helps cook 3. Sweeps floor 4. Dries and puts away dishes Aide 1 Duties: 1. Helps cook 2. Sets table 3. Checks garbage 4. Washes dishes and wipes out sinks Aide 2 Duties : 1. Gets supplies from cart 2. Helps cook 3. Wipes off counters, table and chairs 4. Wipes off stove
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