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smith-2 - accepted late Failure to turn this in on the due...

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SFL 110 Lecture Attendance – Part Two Last Name ___________________ First Name _____________________ Score ________/60 Section __________________ Due Date _________________ Attendance is a vital part of this course. Your attendance in lab will be part of your weekly lab score. You will track your attendance of lectures on this page. Initial each box only if you attend the entire lecture—partial attendance counts for fewer points. This completed sheet is due the last day of lecture, BEFORE your final exam begins. Check your calendar for the date. It will not be
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Unformatted text preview: accepted late. Failure to turn this in on the due date will result in a score of 0/60 for lecture attendance. Lecture Topic (your section may have lecture in different order—see calendar) 10 PTS. FULL Attendance Initials, Points and Date 3-7 PTS. PARTIAL Attendance, Initials, Points and Date REQUIRED Outline of Lecture Proteins: Eggs Starches, Cereals, Sauces, Pasta & Seasonings Leavening, Batters, Doughs & Breads Cakes, Cookies & Pastries Sugar Meal Service & Hospitality, Review for Final...
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