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Instructor: Mrs. Marci Smith Email: (available Monday – Wednesday) Office: Foods Lab JFSB Office Hours: B061 JFSB by appointment Phone: 422-7172. Credit: 2 hours Text: McWilliams, Margaret, Food Fundamentals, Ninth Edition Lecture: Monday 11:00 am – 11:50 am Labs: Section 1 - Monday 12-2:50, Section 2 - Monday 3-5:50 Section 3 - Tuesday 8-10:50, Section 4 - Tuesday 12-2:50 Section 5 - Wednesday 11-1:50 ***NOTE***: Since our food buyer purchases a specific quantity of food for each section and your lab partners rely on you each week to work as a team, you MAY NOT attend other sections. Labs CANNOT be made up without written doctor’s verification of illness, or a pre-arranged, written University excuse. Objectives: 1. Understand food preparation principles and techniques and apply them while mixing, cooking, and baking food products for home use. 2. Identify and prevent food born illness and safety hazards with appropriate food handling and preparation techniques. 3. Apply knowledge of nutrition to menu planning. 4. Develop confidence in selecting and following recipes. 5. Learn proper use of equipment for baking and cooking.
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Requirements: 1. Attend lectures on time each week. Lecture review materials are available on "Lectures" link after lecture completion. Students are to print the Lecture Attendance Form s (Part One and Part Two) at the beginning of the course and maintain an accurate and honest record of their lecture attendance. You will stamp your form with the provided date stamp before lecture begins. If you are late you will have to come to the front of the lecture hall to get partial credit for attendance. These forms will be turned in at midterm (check your calendar) and at the end of the semester (check your calendar). They may be turned in early, but cannot be accepted late. 2. Complete quizzes via Blackboard before 9:00 am on lecture day. Each quiz is open-book and is worth 10 points. You are expected to do your OWN work. Because each quiz is on Blackboard for 6 days, they will not be re-opened for make-ups. If you experience computer problems please contact your instructor immediately. The Mid Term Exam and the Final Exam will also be given on Blackboard, but are CLOSED- BOOK. You may not use notes, textbook, friends, internet, etc. For best results on quizzes and tests, use a university-maintained computer and access the quiz or test through the Fire Fox browser. Have only one window open during the quiz. If you get "kicked out" of a quiz or exam and wish for your instructor to re-set it, you must send an email, including your section number , confirming that you did the following while attempting to take the quiz or exam: - used a reliable, campus-maintained computer - used Firefox or other browser that's Blackboard compatible (NOT Internet Explorer 8) - had NO other windows open. If you do not include all FOUR items in your email, your instructor cannot help you
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smith-4 - Instructor: Mrs. Marci Smith Email:...

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