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S F L 1 1 0 W e e k 4 – S m a l l E q u i p m e n t | 1 READING ASSIGNMENT: Become familiar with the following sections. You may not need to read them entirely, but know what they contain and how to find them. “Mixing Terms,” BBC pg. 6 “Helpful How-To’s,” pp. 8-9 “Cooking Terms Glossary,” BCC pp. 11-15 Pg. 6 MIXING TERMS Beat: Combine ingredients vigorously with a spoon, for, wire, whish, electric mixer or hand beater until smooth. Whenever an electric mixer is needed, most recipes include the mixer speed. Blend: Combine ingredients with a spoon, wire whisk or rubber spatula until very smooth, or combine ingredients in a blender or food processor. Cut In: To work butter, margarine or shortening into dry ingredients. As you cut in the fat, it will begin to clump with the dry ingredients. Use a pastry blender, lifting it up and down with a rocking motion, until the particles are the desired size, usually coarse or fine crumbs or the size of a pea. If you don’t have a pastry blender, hold a table knife in each hand and pull them through the ingredients in opposite directions, or use your fingertips, working quickly so the heat of your fingers doesn’t soften to fat. Fold:
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smith-5 - SFL 110 Week 4 Small Equipment |1 READING...

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