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S F L 1 1 0 W e e k 6 – F a t s a n d O i l s | 1 READING ASSIGNMENT: “Fats and Oils,” BCC pp. 18-19 “Biscuit Tips,” BCC pg. 72 “Biscuit Cures,” BCC pg. 72 Pp. 18-19 FATS and OILS Fats and oils add richness and flavor to food. In cooking, they improve browning, help hold ingredients together, tenderize baked goods and are used for frying. Fats vary in texture and flavor. The recipes in this book call for a variety of fats because of their specific cooking and baking characteristics. Butter: A saturated fat made from cram that must be at least 80 percent butterfat by USDA standards. It has a creamy, dairy flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Butter is sold in lightly salted and unsalted sticks. Unsalted butter is also called sweet butter because it has no added salt. Lightly salted and unsalted butter are interchangeable without adjusting the salt in the recipe. Butter also comes whipped in tubs and as butter-flavored granules. Use only sticks for baking; whipped butter will give a different texture because of the air beaten into it. Many recipes in this book call for butter or margarine when either can be used. If only butter can be used, recipes will state not to use margarine or vegetable-oil spreads (because they will burn). Butter-margarine blends : Available in sticks and tubs, blends usually are a combination of 60 percent margarine and 40 percent butter and are interchangeable with butter or margarine. Use only the sticks for baking. Lard:
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smith-7 - SFL 110 Week 6 Fats and Oils | 1 READING...

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