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Last Name: H. First: Tiffany Section : 01 Due Date : 04/05/2010 . MAGNIFICENT MEAL LAB - 50 points possible (No points without this sheet completed) Meal planned: Dinner Menu: Protein Food: Lasagna Rolls Vegetables: Yellow Squash with Sweet Potato Drizzle Salad: Italian Salad and Dressing Bread: Bruschetta and French Bread Crostini Beverage: Water with Lemon Twirl Ice Cubes Dessert: Granita al Limone (Lemon Ice) Colors used: Orange, Green, Sage Green, Red, White, Black, Brown, and Yellow. Explain how the combinations and contrasts of colors on the plate coordinated with each other and with your table setting: The color theme is red and green as can be seen within the table décor and the food. Orange, White, Black, Brown, and Yellow are the contrasting colors within the food prepared. The colors of the table are a sage green table cloth with a small square white tablecloth rotated into a diamond shape and placed in the middle of the table. We included white napkins. The plates chosen are the red set, thus it will be contrasting with the salad (green), lasagna rolls (white, lemon ice (white with hint of yellow and a red raspberry), bread (white), summer squash (yellow and white), and sweet potato drizzle (orange). The table décor consists of a green and white flower garland, two clear bowls, a large red candle, gold/green/red pebbles, and red rose petals. Thus the gold is an accent while the rest of the table décor matches the food and plate ware. The lemon ice will have a red garnish (raspberries). The ice cubes will have yellow lemon peel to contrast the rest of the colors. The most colorful entrée is the green salad with black olives, red tomatoes, brown walnuts, white croutons, and white cheese. This green salad will then be placed into a red bowl to accent the tomatoes. Thus, the overall appearance is coordinated by red, green, and white while accented and contrasted by the orange, black, brown, and yellow. Textures used: Crunchy, Soft, Chewy, Slippery, Grainy, and Smooth
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smith-10 - Last Name: H. First: Tiffany Section: 01 Due...

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