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Unformatted text preview: Pastries, Cakes, Cookies Pastries, Pastry (Pie) Pastry How do you make pastry (pie crust) light and flakey? – Ingredients = flour, fat, salt & water – Mixing = how much? – Handling = how carefully? Double Crust Apple Pie Double Cut-Out Top Crust Cut-Out Link to Video Two Crust Pies Two Double a basic one­crust recipe Fill the pie Roll, then insert the bottom crust Roll, then cover the filling Vent the top crust Bake as directed Seal, then flute the edges One Crust Pies One Roll the Pastry Out Transfer Crust to the Pie Pan Cut the Excess Crust Flute the Edge Bake or Fill and Bake Freezing Freezing Pie Shells: Baked = 4 months Unbaked = 2 months Fruit pies: Bake first = 4­6 months Thaw or warm to serve Freezing, Cont. Freezing, Custard, Cream or Chiffon Pies = DO NOT Freeze Chiffon Pies = 1 month thaw 2­4 hours at room temperature Freeze pies first, then seal in foil or plastic, and label. Fun Stuff! Fun Flavored Pastry: Garnishes: Add one of the following to the flour before mixing. Use a doily or stencil. 1 t. cinnamon 1 ½ t. citrus peel Drizzle syrup 2 T. chopped nuts ½ C. cheddar Sauce paint 1 t. celery seed Pastry cut­outs Remember: Remember: BRING YOUR PIE PLATE (GLASS?) Read the entire recipe first Have a time­line = Everyone is making a pie with shared equipment Bake multiple pies in a convection oven if you have one Cakes: Basic Ingredients Cakes: Flour gives structure Sugar adds sweetness Eggs Liquid Salt enhances flavors Cakes: Specialty Ingredients Cakes: Shortened Cakes – Fat – Leavening Agent Un­Shortened Cakes – NO Fat – Cream of Tartar Cake: Types Cake: Conventional or Shortened – Characteristics – Baking Foam or Un­Shortened – Characteristics – Baking Cookies Cookies Characteristics – High in sugar and fat – Low in liquid Baking – Cookie sheet – Baking time – Removing and cooling Cookie Types Cookie Rolled Drop Bar Refrigerator Pressed Molded/Shaped Cookie Tips Cookie Measure Correctly Butter or Margarine Adding Flour In the Oven Cookie Storage Cookie CRISP COOKIES Store in a container with a loose fitting lid. To stay crisp they must stay dry. A lid will convert the moisture in the cookie to humidity. SOFT COOKIES Store in a container with a tight fitting lid. That will help keep the moisture in, and prevent air from drying them out. Fat Substitution Fat Applesauce – equal amounts for fats and oils Bananas – mashed, equal amounts for fats and oils Prunes – puree ½ c. with 2 T. water, equal amounts for fats and oils Pumpkin – equal amounts for fats and oils Fat Substitution Fat Zucchini – grate when added in raw form Low­fat Cottage Cheese – blend in blender, substitute only half of fat or oil Tofu – blend in blender, substitute up to half of fat or oil Non­fat Yogurt – equal amounts for fat or oil ...
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