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smith-20 - 8 Wooden rolling pins should never be soaked in...

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Organizing Yourselves in the Kitchen 1. Keep a damp cloth at hand for cleanup. 2. Save one clean, dry towel for drying dishes at end of lab. 3. Wash hands before beginning meal preparation. Wash hands during meal preparation as needed (after touching hair, face, using restroom, etc.) 4. Do not use the same dish towel for wiping hands and drying dishes. 5. Wash dishes, utensils and work surfaces as you go. 6. Protein rich foods like eggs wash easier if the food has dried and been scraped from the pan. Then soak and wash in hot water. 7. Flour sifters are not washed. Wipe out with a dry paper napkin or towel.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Wooden rolling pins should never be soaked in water. Wash quickly in hot, soapy water, rinse then wipe dry. 9. Do not place hot pans directly on counter or tabletops. Protect surfaces with a trivet or hot pad. 10.Do not set very hot pans in cold water. This could cause them to warp. 11.Do not use stirring spoons to taste foods. 12.Use accurate measuring equipment and measuring techniques. 13.Be kind to your non-stick coated pots and pans. Stir with wooden or plastic tools. 14.Wear an apron to protect clothing and tie back long hair....
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