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smith-22 - Convection Cooking Tips The BOTTOM oven in your...

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Convection Cooking Tips: The BOTTOM oven in your kitchen has a “Convect Bake” button. The idea behind convection baking is to have air circulating around the food, thus having more even and efficient baking. Convection baking can cut the baking time by as much as 25%. It is especially useful if you’re trying to bake more than one item on more than one baking rack at a time. As with any baking, never put too many items in your oven or none of them will bake properly. 1. ALWAYS PREHEAT OVEN BEFORE PUTTING FOOD IN OVEN!!! (unless your recipe directs otherwise) 2. Read the manual for your oven. Some ovens recommend that if your original conventional recipe baking time is less than 15 minutes, you keep the original baking time but reduce the temperature by 15-20 degrees F. HOWEVER, the ovens in our labs require no temperature adjustment. Just push the convect bake button and set for the temperature recommended in the recipe. 3.
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