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SFL 110 PSYCHOLOGY AVOIDING GROCERY STORE GIMMICKS Food marketers know what make us tick: They know the smell of fresh-baked bread will turn on customer appetites—and probably increase sales of baked goods and other foods. They know more candy will be sold if it’s kept fingertip—close at the checkout stand. How alert are you to the psychology of the supermarket? Grocery-store gimmicks can take a bite out of your food budget—but you can learn to reverse supermarket psychology. On the chart below, try to match the products on the left with the sales gimmick on the right. ____ 1. milk and bread a. “end-of aisle” display (but is it a sale?) ____ 2. gourmet/fancy brands b. on inconvenient high/low shelves ____ 3. candy and magazines c. on outside walls of the store ____ 4. chips and dips d. at the checkout counter (temptation
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Unformatted text preview: while you wait) ____ 5. fresh corn—4 for a dollar! e. on eye-level shelves ____ 6. a pyramid-shaped pile of cans f. buy six and get a $3 rebate (but do you need six ____ 7. a sample bite of pizza g. shelved together for easy snacking _____ 8. “bargain” cosmetics h. a tasty morsel that says “Buy me!” ____ 9. Generic/lower-priced brand i. Dumped in a mid-aisle cart (but are prices really lower?) ____ 10. a six-pack of videotapes j. yeah, but you can buy one for a quarter too! ____ 11. bakery and deli k. oh, the smell! (makes you hungry?) As you learn supermarket smarts, you’ll add rules of your own for avoiding gimmicks and stretching your food dollars. A winning game will send you home with money in your pocket—not a bag full of impulse purchases!...
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