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Week 9 – Eggs “Beating Egg Whites” The most important part of whipping egg whites is the air that incorporates into it. Any grease that gets into the egg whites can make it harder to whip properly. Soft peak stage – the whites are fluffy and droopy peaks form. Hard Peak stage – continue beating until they reach a firm state. Should not look dry and granular or you have beaten them too much. “Folding In” Is a gently way to mix.   You use this method when you want to add an ingredient into a 
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Unformatted text preview: mix that you have already whipped a lot of air into, and then you can fold the mixture in without deflating it. Take the lighter of the two ingredients and fold it into the heavier ingredient. Using a rubber spatula, cut into the center and fold the mixture over gently, rotate the bowl and fold until mixture is incorporated....
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