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For many people, a meal is not complete without something sweet. Cakes, cookies and pies are three of the most popular desserts. Most contain high amounts of sugar and fat, are therefore are high in calories. They should never replace healthier food items in your diet, but they provide pleasure, variety, and energy to those who eat them. Having an occasional dessert gives satisfaction, and often prevents us from that feeling of deprivation that triggers binge eating. Flour = structure = the gluten that forms when flour and liquid are combined holds the gasses that form as the cake bakes. Sugar = adds sweetness, improves texture, and tenderizes the gluten. Eggs = improves nutrition, flavor and color, and gives structure. Liquid = adds moisture and binds ingredients together, can add flavor and nutrition also. Salt = adds flavor and enhances other flavors. CAKES : Shortened cakes (Butter Cake) also contain: Fat = tenderizes the gluten, makes tender and moist Leavening Agent = creates gasses that make the product rise and become light Un-shortened cakes (Angel Food Cake) also contain: No fat = Fats inhibit structure from the egg Cream of Tarter = to stabilize the egg foam. Conventional/Shortened: A high quality shortened cake is velvety and light. It has fine cells with thin walls, and is evenly browned. The flavor is mild and pleasing. Shortened cakes contain fat that tenderizes the gluten, makes tender and moist. Most also contain a leavening agent to make the product rise and become light. Grease and flour the pan to prevent sticking after baking. Test for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the center. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. Also, if you touch the cake top and the cake springs back, it is usually done. If an impression is left, the cake needs more baking time. Foam/Un-Shortened: Foam cakes contain no fat. They are leavened by air and steam rather than chemical leavening agents. Un-shortened cakes also contain cream of tarter to stabilize the egg foam. A high quality un-shortened cake has a large volume. The interior is spongy and porous. The cake is tender and moist, but not gummy. A hint is to tip the angel food cake pan upside down while the cake cools (on a funnel?). This cools the cells in a position that gravity helps maintain the volume. Never grease the pan for a foam cake. The batter needs to adhere to the sides of the pan during rising COOKIES : Homemade cookies are hard to resist anytime, but they are especially fun for special occasions. They are generally high in sugar and fat, and low in liquid.
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Because of the high fat content, a cookie sheet rarely needs to be greased. At 350
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smith-45 - For many people, a meal is not complete without...

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