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smith-46 - A tip for when you are baking your own pie in...

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Week 12 – Pastry “Double Crust Apple Pie” Making the Crust: Use butter that’s not too soft and not too cold. Half the butter can get mixed with the flour when mixed with the hands. Use cold water so you don’t melt the fat. If you leave the pastry dough dry, you can dump it on the counter and press the dough  down, then fold over a couple times until it comes together. If you prepare the apple filling too soon before cooking or filling the crust, then the crust  will end up being soggy.   Prepare apple filling just 10 minutes before putting in the crust  to prevent sogginess. Apple filling will be overflowing in the crust; this is fine, because when it cooks, the  apples cook down. Put the top crust on, and cut off the excess crust down to an inch.   Pinch the crust  between two fingers to make a decorative edge. Sometimes if your oven doesn’t evenly cook, just spin your pie every so often.
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Unformatted text preview: A tip for when you are baking your own pie in lab is to cut in shortening to the dry mixture to rice grain sized pieces. Also when the pie crust is rolled out, fold over twice and put in the pie pan to then unfold. You could also use bread flour to roll out the dough, or refrigerate the dough an hour before rolling it out so that the fat in the dough doesn’t get to soft. “Cut Out Top” To make a unique cut out top crust to a pie, you can use a cookie cutter or household items to form shapes. Just make sure to flour the cutters. Use a pair of scissors or knife to cut away the edge of the crust leaving ¾ of an inch overhang. Tuck the overhang crust under at the end of the pie tin and pinch down to seal....
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smith-46 - A tip for when you are baking your own pie in...

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