smith-58 - Names: _, _, _ , _Section _ Kitchen # _ Date _...

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Names: _______, _______, ______ , ______Section ________ Kitchen # _________ Date _____ Read this assignment aloud as a group before beginning. Vegetable Experiment Because of their color, flavor, texture and nutritive value, vegetables make a valuable contribution to the diet. In preparing vegetables for serving, the challenge is to conserve and even enhance all the qualities of the vegetables and determine the correct procedure and cooking time for vegetables. You will taste vegetables at various stages of cooking and complete the following chart as a group. Cook all the vegetables (except the raw samples) following the directions below. Prepare sample dishes for each cook time. After all the vegetables are cooked, complete the taste comparison chart and answer the questions. Vocabulary List: Texture : Hard-crisp, tender-crisp, soft, mushy, tough, stringy Flavor: Strong, mild, bitter, sweet, bland, intense, characteristic, less flavorful, more flavorful, salty Color:
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smith-58 - Names: _, _, _ , _Section _ Kitchen # _ Date _...

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