160-7 - impact on the relationship my brother and I had As...

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Family Theory Analysis: Family Life Course Theory Example Paragraphs One of the most significant transitions that occurred during my childhood was when my younger brother was born. When Tom was born, I was nine years old and his birth changed many aspects of our family dynamics. Perhaps the most dramatic for me was my changing label within the family; I was now a brother. With that new label came many new roles and expectations. My parents suddenly expected me to do more daily tasks on my own, such as getting ready for school and doing my chores. A first I thought this lack of oversight on my parents part was great, but I soon learned that even though my parents weren’t pestering me about my chores as much, they expected more out of me and were more hurt when I didn’t accomplish what they expected. As I reflect on this transition, I think the new expectations placed on me had a lasting
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Unformatted text preview: impact on the relationship my brother and I had. As we grew up, we had many fights and arguments over mundane things. I can remember feeling many times like he got preferential treatment from my parents and that they were more lenient with him. This affected not only the connection I had with my brother and parents but also my connections with outside settings such as school. When my brother was born my grades slipped in school. Not dramatically, but enough that my parents took notice. At the time, I gave excused that weren’t related to my brother because I didn’t want to burden them. I could tell the transition was stressful for them and I didn’t want to add to it. The influence this transition had for me at school was further compounded by the historical context of the time , specifically 9/11. 9/11 happened a year after my brother was born…...
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160-7 - impact on the relationship my brother and I had As...

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