160-9 - SFL 160: Introduction to Family Process Final Exam...

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SFL 160: Introduction to Family Process Final Exam Study Guide Dr. Willoughby General Guidelines: The final will be comprised of 50 multiple choice items (50 points), 10 T/F questions (10 points), 10 matching questions (10 points) and three short essays (30 points). The exam will cover information from the entire course but will focus on material from the lecture on family ideologies forward. This study guide is meant to help focus your study time. Keep in mind the following things: 1. You do not need a blue book for the exam; you may write directly on it in the testing center. Make sure you write your name!! 2. The test will focus on both the readings and lecture material (roughly equally) 3. Not everything on the exam will be covered in this study guide. You are responsible for all the material from both lecture and your readings. Introduction to Family Process Textbook About half of the material for the exam will come from the textbook chapter readings. Although we covered much of this material in lecture, you are still responsible for everything we didn’t cover as well. Focus on the following items from each chapter: Chapter 6 1. Understand the idea of a fixed relationship 2. Understand the concept of social capital 3. Review the sections on generational alliances 4. Understand the concept of generational transmission Chapter 7 1. Know the multicultural examples of love and mate selection given in the chapter 2. Understand the different types of mate selection 3. Know the research on cohabitation presented. Chapter 8
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160-9 - SFL 160: Introduction to Family Process Final Exam...

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