160 - Foster Adopted Twins Identical Twins Child Child...

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CMP 105 Adapted from: Power, Thomas A., ACSW. Family / Child Assessment Family Matters: A Layperson’s Guide to 12/2005 Family functioning. Hathaway press, SJ New Hampshire, 1992 The Basic Genogram Symbols Male: Female: Birth Date Age – inside symbol Death Date Death = X 8-10-’41 10-4-2001 written above written inside written above left of symbol symbol right of symbol Marriage Living Together, Affair, Lesbian Couple Gay Couple or Intimate Relationship m. 1970 LT 1975 LT 1991 LT 1993 LT = Living Together Marital Separation Divorce Getting back together after Divorce m. 1970 s. 1985 m. 1970 d. 1987 d. 1987 remar. 1990 Children: List in birth order beginning with the oldest on the left ’77 ’77 ’79 ’81 ’70 ’73 ’76 ’83 ’83 ’85 ’85 Stillbirth Miscarriage Abortion Pregnancy Biological
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Unformatted text preview: Foster Adopted Twins Identical Twins Child Child Child Two people who are married are connected by lines that go down and across, with the husband on the left and the wife on the right. Couples that are not married are depicted with a dotted line. Children are drawn left to right, going from the oldest to the youngest. 34 27 25 22 M A Permanent Resource Book Symbols Denoting Drug, Alcohol, and/or Mental Problems In Recovery from Serious mental or Drug/Alcohol Abuse Drug or Alcohol Suspected Drug or Alcohol physical problem & Physical or Mental Abuse Abuse Abuse problem Symbols Denoting Interactional Patterns between People Close Distant Close-Hostile Foscused On Fused Hostile Fused-Hostile Cutoff Sexual Abuse Physical Abuse...
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160 - Foster Adopted Twins Identical Twins Child Child...

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