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Nephi’s great editorial skills Correct Answer: b. Nephi’s great editorial skills Question 16 Fill in the Blank out of 1 points 1 Quotation Identification Questions (70 points): For each of the quotes below, please identify the speaker, the audience, the setting then, and the significance today. Points will be allocated as follows: Speaker, 1 point; Audience, 1 point; Setting then, 3 points; Significance today, 2 points. Please be thorough and provide details in your description of the setting then and the significance today, so I can give you full points. For any questions that involve the Lord as the speaker or audience, please use the phrase “the Lord” to identify him. If the speaker is a narrator, you may assume it is Mormon and that he is speaking to us. If the audience is a group of people, please identify the specific group – for example, the people of Zarahemla, or the Anti-Nephi-Lehies (or the people of Ammon), etc. If a specific person is speaking or spoken to, please identify that person by name. Good luck! “… for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.” Who was speaking? Given Answer: The Lord Correct Answer: The Lord the Lord the Savior The Savior Christ Jesus Jesus Christ Question 17 Fill in the Blank out of 1 points 1 To whom? Given Answer: Nephi son of Helaman Correct Answer: Nephi nephi Question 18 Essay Page 5 of 21 Grade Assessment Midterm 2 3/17/2011 ..
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What was the setting then? Given Answer: Nephi has already been through many trials as a prophet. He has served as a missiona great success, and predicted the death of the chief judge. He has been accepted by som prophet, but more importantly he has been accepted by the Lord as a true servant. The L to him and praises him for his unwavering faith, and blesses him with the sealing power. T says that everything will be as Nephi commands, because he knows that Nephi will ask fo that is contrary to his will. Correct Answer: [None] Feedback: Normal 3 Times New Roman Path: body Question 19 Essay What is the significance today? Given Answer: The Lord showed utmost confidence in Nephi's ability to exercise righteously the sealing Nephi had come to a point where his will had become united with the will of the Lord. This was only possible through his continuous righteousness and service. The Holy Ghost was purify and change his heart so that his true desires were completely in line. It is important understand that, because it shows how we are to progress. The Lord will trust us with pow earth and in heaven if he knows that he can trust us to use that power righteously. In fact promised us those blessings if we can but obey. Nephi lived up to his commitments with t as such was richly blessed. Correct
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bom-3 - Grade Assessment Midterm 2 Page 5 of 21 Nephis...

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