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bom - we must submit ourselves to their evil designs or to...

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Scripture Journal Name: Daniel Criddle Date: January 24, 2011 Passage: Alma 43:54; 44:6, 11, 20 New Insight: The story of Moroni and his soldiers contending with Zerahemnah has always been intriguing to me. It is interesting that he would offer to spare the lives of those that sought his own so intently. Moroni attributes his mercy to not having a desire to shed blood, but I realized that in this instance, his actions are a demonstration of what it means to love your enemies. The Nephites would have been justified in wiping out the Lamanite army in protection of their land, family and religion. It does not implicitly state that Moroni received any commandments to spare or slay the Lamanites, so I believe he was acting of his own conscience when he saw their terror and decided to offer them a way out other than death. When we are commanded to love our enemies, I do not believe it means that
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Unformatted text preview: we must submit ourselves to their evil designs or to make ourselves weak before them. To love them is to show mercy and to immediately accept peace when the opportunity presents itself. Even to accept them as one of our own and protect them in the case of the AntiNephiLehites. Moroni not only offered to spare their lives once, but on three separate occasions, the last time only occurring after slaying the remainder that would not agree to a covenant of peace. Some may say that love was the farthest thing from this battlefield due to the amount of bloodshed. Hatred would have killed the Lamanites outright. Justice would have slain them after rejecting the first offer. Even mercy may have been exhausted after the second claim to peace. Indeed it was love at the very end that spared the lives of the Lamanites who agreed to covenant for peace....
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