fam-1 - marriage, sex, childbearing, an child rearing...

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Chapter 1, Adapting to Family Life in Our Times Text 1. What did Driver and Gottman find about playfulness in their study of husbands and wives? 2. What does “quotidian” refer to in families? 3. What are the two important assumptions with the idea of the prosaic of everyday life? 4. Define and describe what is meant by “family of procreation.” 5. Define and describe what is meant by “family of orientation.” 6. What are “family process” and how are they used? 7. What are the three reasons why we care about family processes? 8. What is the primary theme of the text? 9. What is a primary assumption of the text? 10. The text’s author uses the example of same-sex marriage to make an important point. What is that point? 11. What percent of households have a married couple present? What percent are labeled as “non-family households?” 12. What is covenant marriage and how is it in part a response to no-fault divorce? 13. What is a “major assumption” of the text and how does the issue of the separation of
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Unformatted text preview: marriage, sex, childbearing, an child rearing illustration that assumption? 14. Describe and understand the definition of family as discussed in the text on pp. 14-15. 15. What is the Families are Protean Principle and how does the text author argue that the idea applies to families? Class 1. According to President Packer, why should you not be afraid of learning? a. What do you need to cultivate for spiritual discovery and to understand the meaning of things? 2. According to Elder Maxwell what is good in terms of discipleship and scholarship? a. What does he say about argument, conviction, and belief? b. Know his maxim. c. When does such an outcome occur? 3. Have a thorough understanding of Elder Ballards statement, especially in terms of: a. The doctrine of the Church. b. Who can improve the families of the world? c. Faculty members obligation. d. Students obligation. e. The kind of men and women BYU graduates should be....
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fam-1 - marriage, sex, childbearing, an child rearing...

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