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fam-13 - of Jesus Christ • She did all the right things...

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Let It End with Me Study Guide Reading When the author of the article found a good role model—her mother-in-law— what did she do? What happened to her as she became more acquainted with the scriptures? Early on, she occasionally experienced the sweet feelings of the Spirit occasionally. But what did she yearn for? As she worked on a list of her strengths and good points, she struggled to think of any. What was she determined to do despite her insecurities and fears? Who was her guide as the years unfolded? How did her husband guide her? What was one of her greatest gifts as she went through soul-wrenching changes? What did she find was one of the blessings of her repentance and the Atonement
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Unformatted text preview: of Jesus Christ? • She did all the right things, but the process was still __________ and __________. • The Lord will heal us, according to Elder Scott, as we do what? Class Discussion • What was the emotional climate in the family of origin? • From an attachment perspective, do you think her attachment needs were met? • How fused was she to the origin family’s emotional climate? What evidence can you cite? • How did her secure bond with her husband and with God impact her? • How did she “come to terms” with and “liberate” herself from these things? • In what ways did the Gospel make a difference?...
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