fam-17 - Activity #2 Genogram Chronology Family Analysis...

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Activity #2 Genogram 10 points Chronology 10 points Family Analysis 25 points Reflection 5 points Cover Page: Should consist of: Name, Date, Class and section number, and Activity # 2. You will lose 1 point for not having this stapled to the front of the assignment. Genogram: Must be done on word processor and printed on an 8 ½ X 11 paper. Use the landscape format , as it will fit your genogram better. No Internet programs accepted. Be sure to INCLUDE 3-4 generations starting with your grandparents, your parents, you, your siblings, your spouse and siblings’ spouses, and the 4 th generation will be any children you or your siblings may have. You DON’T need to include aunts, uncles, cousins, your grandparents’ siblings, or your great-grandparents. Please make sure it is understandable, your lines are connected clearly, and you follow the format in the book. Also be sure that the page is full; you can make things bigger or smaller as needed so everything fits (please note however that all shapes need to be the same size ). Further instructions for completing the genogram are on blackboard, you will be graded according to these instructions. If you have any questions about how this should look ask your TA. Chronology: You should have no more and no less than 20 items on this list. The format should be as follows, Year: Event. Significance. Year: Event. Significance. etc… Your events should be a line or two describing important events in your family’s life. Content should be things that changed your family’s life and had an impact on the family. You can include 3 things from your grandparents’ generation or your parents’ generation that may have happened before your parents married and started their family. For example, the “Event” could be. “My maternal grandfather died of an alcohol-related
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fam-17 - Activity #2 Genogram Chronology Family Analysis...

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