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SFL 160, Sections 1 Winter Semester 2011, Credit Hours: 3 9:00 am to 9:50 am, MWF, B106 JFSB Instructor: Thomas B. Holman Office: 2085 JFSB Office Hours: MW 10am –11am , or by appointment Office Phone: 801-422-6704 (office) Email: [email protected] Please call or email me for an appointment. I generally respond within 24 hours. Teaching Assistant: Todd Jensen Office: 1053 JFSB Office Hours: TBA Email : todd [email protected] Required Materials Randal D. Day, Introduction to Family Processes , 4th edition, Erlbaum This is the primary text for the course. It is available at the BYU Bookstore. Institute for American Values, Hardwired To Connect , 1st edition, Institute for American Values, 2003 . We will use this in conjunction with Chapter 5 in the text. There will be other readings on the Internet. You will need to have access to the Internet, understand how to retrieve assignments or readings and check your grades, and use and send emails. Course Description In this course we will learn about how families work, how families affect and are affected by individual family members, and how to strengthen families—our own or others as we serve as family professionals, Church leaders, employers, or community members. Course Goal My goal is that each and every one of you has success in SFL 160. My definition of success is “being empowered to do what [you] previously thought was impossible and then to keep progressing far beyond anything previously attained” (Osguthorpe & Osguthorpe, 2008). Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. My goal for each of us is for you to be on fire with the importance of families for you, for your workplace, for your community, for your nation, and for the whole world. I want you to feel and to be endowed with knowledge about family processes and with skills and abilities that will allow you—whatever your background or major—to strengthen families. Course Purpose SFL 160 is designed for majors in the School of Family Life and non-majors alike. For majors it provides an overview of the family field and where professional opportunities are available at the grassroots, community, and policy level. Non-majors will find the course helpful as they enter into their own families and as they attempt to strengthen families in Church settings, in community settings, and in job settings, and to fulfill the GE social sciences requirement. Families impact community members, crime rates, employee satisfaction & efficiency, and a nation’s well-being, so the material learned can serve you well, no matter what your major is and no matter what your marital/family status is or will be. Thomas B. Holman, MFHD 160, Sections 1, Page 1
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fam - Introduction to Family Process SFL 160, Sections 1...

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