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Year: Mom and Dad were married in August in the Salt Lake Temple. My mom and dad combined both traditions to raise a good family. Year: My older brother, was born in Provo, UT. My parents had their first child and started their family. Year: I was born in Provo, UT. My parents added another child to their family and had to juggle two children that were only 18 months apart. Year: My dad graduated from college at BYU when I was a week old. My parents had to raise two children while my dad was looking for a job. Year: We moved to California when I was 6 months old. Our family moved to achieve our goals and that was the only place my dad found a job. Year: My younger sister, was born in California. Our family grew and the family roles had to change to fit my sister in there. Year: We moved to Nebraska when I was 3 ½ years old. My family moved because my dad’s job moved to Nebraska. Year: I was baptized by my dad and received my first set of scriptures from my grandparents.
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