381 381 Syllabus W2011

381 381 Syllabus W2011 - ECONOMICS 381: INTERMEDIATE...

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ECONOMICS 381: I NTERMEDIATE M ACROECONOMICS W INTER 2011: S ECTIONS 4 AND 5 Instructor: Matthew Butler [matt_butler@byu.edu] Note: Please put “Econ 381” into the subject heading of any e-mail sent. Office: 137 Faculty Office Building (FOB) Phone: 422-9323 Class: Section 4, MW 8-9:15am, 164 TNRB Section 5, MW 12:30-1:45pm, 180 TNRB Office Hours: M 10am-12 noon; or by appointment TEXT: Macroeconomics , 7 th edition, by N. Gregory Mankiw is the required textbook. Readings and problem sets will be from the text. Limited quantities of the Student Guide and Workbook to accompany the text are available in the Bookstore. I have put one copy of the Workbook on course reserve in the library. GRADES: Grades will be based on the following point distribution: 1 Midterm exam 150 points Homework 150 points Final exam 200 points TOTAL 500 points The class will be curved and grades assigned after the final exam. EXAMINATIONS: (1) Make-up examinations will not be given. (2) The final exam will be comprehensive. Midterm exams will not be comprehensive. (3) Please make sure that you have no conflict with the final exam date. If you do not take the final you will fail this course. The final exam is: Section 4: 7-10am April 16 th in class Section 5: 7-10am April 20 th in class You must take the exam during your section time. If you do not, you will fail the exam. (4) Any midterm exam grade disputes must be typed and submitted with your exam at the beginning of the first class period after exams have been returned. I reserve the right to regrade the entire exam. HOMEWORK: (1) A total of 12 problem sets are assigned. Each will count a maximum of 10 points. Only the 10 highest scores will be retained to determine total homework points for the semester. There are no homework disputes. (2) Each problem set will be due by the end of class on the day listed. You may turn your homework in before class starts or right after, please do not interrupt class by turning in your homework during class . Please include your name and staple the sheets together. Late homework will not be graded
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2011 for the course ECON 381 taught by Professor Staff during the Winter '08 term at BYU.

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381 381 Syllabus W2011 - ECONOMICS 381: INTERMEDIATE...

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