381 Final Fall 2009

381 Final Fall 2009 - ECON 381 SECTION 5 FALL 2009...

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E CON 381 S ECTION 5, F ALL 2009 I NSTRUCTOR : M ATTHEW B UTLER F INAL E XAM PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME HERE: ---------------------------------------------------- Instructions: This exam is closed book and closed notes. This is an opportunity to show what you learned during the semester. Incomplete answers will get less than complete credit. Show your work . Label your graphs. Explain when the question asks that you explain. In a page where you have written multiple answers to a single question you must circle the answer you prefer to be graded or cross out the false starts you have made. You will lose points by not doing so. Partial credit will be rewarded so attempt each question to the best of your ability. Please answer in the space allotted for each question. You may write on both the front and back of a page in answering the question but on that piece of paper only. I have indicated how much each question is worth. There are 200 total points on the exam. Good luck and remember that this test will be part of your curved grade. If you struggle with one or more problems it is likely that other students in the class will also struggle. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your academic career and beyond. Page 1 of 9
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Multiple Choice Questions (100 Points): Questions 1 through 10 are multiple choice questions. You may mark than one answer. If more than one answer is marked the question will receive 10 points divided by the number of selections made in selecting the correct choice. Each question is worth 10 points. You do not need to show work for any of the multiple choice questions, however you might find it useful to use the back of the pages with multiple
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381 Final Fall 2009 - ECON 381 SECTION 5 FALL 2009...

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