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320 10PlacesNotToPunctuate

320 10PlacesNotToPunctuate - Top 10 Places Nat to...

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Unformatted text preview: Top 10 Places Nat to Pignctuate 9,255 ‘ Do not use a . . . In this situation . . . i. Comma . Between a conjUnction joining two independent clauses and an introductory element beginning the , second clause 2. Comma To introduce a title in quotation marks, unless the title is nonrestrictive 3. Comma Between the verbs (or verb phrases) of a compound predicate 4. Comma To separate a subject from its predicate . 5.. .> Comma Before a that clause 6. Period I To end an incomplete thought (a phrase or a dependent clause) 7. ‘. Semicolon To set off a phrase or a dependent clause 8. Right parenthesis Without a left parenthesis 9. Hyphen After an adverb ending in ly 10. Exclamation point To end statements that aren't truly astounding. (And never use multiple exclamation pointslli) ...
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