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320 AR-M450_20070321_155111

320 AR-M450_20070321_155111 - Use concrete...

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Unformatted text preview: Use concrete, achievement-oriented words to describe your experience. a a V3 twwmmfiif “yum:maf‘ui‘mlsy,V’.".'MJv'V:£PPE:I‘-h m. w an 93ml!" PART FIVE ORAL AND EMPLOYMENT COMMUNICATION Complete sentences are not necessary. Instead, start your descriptions With" action verbs, using present tense for current duties and past tense for previous job duties or accomplishments. Concrete words such as the following make your work experience come alive: “: flattery-v a: swsg.._ accomplished constructed increased produced achieved I contracted . instituted purchased administered controlled interviewed recommended analyzed ' coordinated introduced ' reported applied created ' ’ investigated researched ' approved I delegated led 1 revised 1 arranged ' designed .. maintained ”scheduled assisted determined managed screened authorized developed marketed secured balanced diagnosed modified simplified budgeted directed motivated sold built edited negotiated studied changed established operated supervised collected evaluated ordered V taught communicated forecast organized trained completed generated > oversaw transformed conceived guided planned ‘ updated concluded \ handled prepared wrote conducted j hired presented consolidated _ implemented ' presided ...
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