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320 BasicsLearningQuizzes - 21 Punctuation Quiz Key I =...

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Unformatted text preview: 21 Punctuation Quiz Key: I = Incorrect C = Correct 1. C I I have another meeting at 10 a.m., however, I’ll hurry to your meeting just as soon as my meeting ends. 2. C I Keith asked that all employees “submit their report no later than June 9”. 3. C I We would like you to teach the two and four‐week management courses in July. 4. C I I will be transferred to Denver; Kristi to Miami. 5. C I Two of the above mentioned employees work at Simpson Springs, the weighing‐ and coal‐ screening site 25 miles east of the mine. 6. C I Scott has been arriving late—and leaving early—much to the dismay of his supervisor and fellow‐workers. 7. C I In spite of Ben’s alleged policy violations, it was a short sighted decision to terminate him so abruptly. 8. C I Three key problems were found; (a) company policy was violated, (b) managers were poorly trained and (c) employees were unaware of the monitoring system. 9. C I After visiting the business three different times, I submitted the following recommendations: (a) hire a new shop supervisor, and (b) provide appropriate training for all personnel. 10. C I We commend you on your past accomplishments and we wish you well as you pursue an MBA degree. 11. C I Before this new shopping mall was built you could see nothing but orchards, farms and a few houses. 12. C I The patient sensitive city planner was perfect for conducting the emotionally‐charged public hearing yesterday. 13. C I We have recently noticed that many children in our library are unsupervised by adults causing numerous problems. 14. C I We will implement the new plan next month; however it won’t become permanent until we evaluate its effectiveness during the next two month period. 15. C I Let’s have a special reading class for all four, five, and six‐year‐old children every Friday. 16. C I In his rebuttal Allen quoted our company president as follows, “We must never lose sight of what makes this company unique.” 17. C I She will graduate with her MBA degree on Thursday, May 18, at 4 p.m.. 18. C I Nevertheless it is not my responsibility to follow up on your daily routine— you need to be more self‐motivated. 19. C I The long slow security‐check procedure caused many travelers to miss their flights. 20. C I I told her to: a) keep the subject and verb close together, b) write concisely, and c) use variety in sentence structure. 21. C I You are our best scorer on the team, however, you seemed somewhat hesitant last night. 22. C I The reason I didn’t attend is that—as strange as it may seem, my cat wasn’t feeling well. 23. C I Before house cleaning the maid called her supervisor to report the suspicious odor. 24. C I In spite of our full schedule, we will hold two afternoon‐sessions on building self esteem....
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320 BasicsLearningQuizzes - 21 Punctuation Quiz Key I =...

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