320 CommonlyConfusedWords

320 CommonlyConfusedWords - Counsel/Council Real/Really...

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COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS Accept/Except Eminent/Imminent Advice/Advise Ensure/Insure Affect/Effect Enthused/Enthusiastic All Right/Alright Farther/Further Allow/Enable Fewer/Less A Lot/Alot Good/Well Among/Between Imply/Infer Amount/Number Irregardless/Regardless Anxious/Eager Its/It’s Any One/Anyone Lay/Lie Appraise/Apprise Loose/Lose Can/May Passed/Past Cite/Sight/Site Percent/Percentage Complement/Compliment Personal/Personnel Could of/Could’ve Principal/Principle
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Unformatted text preview: Counsel/Council Real/Really Different from/Different than Reason is because/Reason is that Each other/One another Same E.g./I.e. Set/Sit Should of/Should’ve Their/There/They’re Stationary/Stationery Try and/Try to Sure/Surely Whose/Who’s Sure and/Sure to Your/You’re Sources: Contemporary Business Communication by Scot Ober Business Writing Basics by William H. Baker...
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320 CommonlyConfusedWords - Counsel/Council Real/Really...

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