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320 GrExAnsSum10

320 GrExAnsSum10 - MCOMM 320 Summer 2010 GRAMMAR BASICS...

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MCOMM 320 — Summer 2010 GRAMMAR BASICS EXAMINATION Commonly Misused Words Error Recognition 1. Which item is not correct? A.Your test score will enable you to determine your grammar skills. B.Sister Rockwood will not allow us to use our cell phones during class. C.Studying hard should ensure your success. D.I hope the amount of perfect scores is high. 2. Which item is correct ? A. May I imply from the lack of groans from students that this test is not too hard? B. The score on this test won't affect your grade too much. C. When you are through with this test, please lie it on the front table. D. Most of you will probably do alright on this test. 3. Which item is not correct? A.We can discuss the answers to this test further when all have taken it. B.I may have citations next to the answers when I place them on Blackboard. C.Your score may be different than your classmate's score. D.I hope I will be able to compliment all on their scores. 4. Which item is correct ? A.I'll appraise you of the correct answers at the next class. B.Didn't I council you to study for this test? C.You would make less mistakes if you had studied harder. D.The principal reason for studying grammar is to improve your writing. 5. Which item is not correct ? A.I hope your going to score well on this test. B.You can all do well if you've studied hard enough. C.Perhaps some of you should've studied a bit more. D.I hope everyone scores with a higher percentage than my last class. 6. Which item is correct ? A.The reason for this test is because I want to see what you've learned. B.I would like to think that your perfect score is imminent . C.The five members of our grammar group worked well with each other. D.You don't seem too enthused about this examination. 1
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7. Which item is not correct? A.I think I will lie down on the table while you take this test. B.Then again, I may just see if you're staying awake. C. I will still think highly of you irregardless of your test score. D.Please try to stay awake. Out-Of-Date/Biased Word Error Recognition 8. Which item is correct ? A.She has a lot of compassion for mentally retarded people. B.Every committee meeting runs better with a chairman in charge. C.I am glad my employer has to carry workman's compensation insurance. D.Being a flight attendant is a good job for Emily. Punctuation Error Recognition 9. Which item is not correct ? A. In response to the Dean's question, Dan remarked, "Of course your daughter seemed to enjoy herself last night. In fact, she said to me, "Dan, this was the best date I have ever been on!" B. Did you hear that Dan had a date with the Dean's daughter? Apparently he told the Dean after the date that his daughter was a lot of fun. C.
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320 GrExAnsSum10 - MCOMM 320 Summer 2010 GRAMMAR BASICS...

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