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320 MemoFormatSamples - Memorandum To From Date My...

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To: My roommates From: Alana S. Maiello Date: February 14,2007 Re: Advice on Spiritual Progression 9 As the semester continues, classes get harder and there is less time for personal recreation and growth. Our minds are continually challenged with exams and papers, yet William H. Baker's "Knowing, Doing, and Being" offers guidance on how to develop our spirituality andperspective through: (a) knowledge, (b) action, and (c) purity. Knowledge Baker's article mentions the need to have an insatiable desire to learn. Seeking greater . - . - -, .- .. . -_ -. . - - . . . . - . To: Stovetop Studs From: Robert Thurman Date: February 14,2007 Re: Becoming Your Best Self Every person struggles daily to become better. Today I read an article entitled "Knowing, Doing and Being" which provides three guidelines to assist us in reachirig our full potential: developing perfect love, endeavoring diligently to improve, and maintaining proper attitudes. Loving Perfectly Love naturally increases our desires to understand and serve one another. We begin to serve and obey because of love rather than duty. This love even motivates us to find additional ways to serve others. Perfect love also encompasses perfect knowledge and motivates perfect obedience.
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2011 for the course MCOMM 320 taught by Professor Rockwood during the Winter '07 term at BYU.

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320 MemoFormatSamples - Memorandum To From Date My...

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