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320 PersuasiveLtr - MComm 320 Winter 2011 Assignment:...

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MComm 320 – Winter 2011 Assignment: PERSUASIVE LETTER (Request for a Reference) Due Date: Monday, March 7 Points: 24 Description: Write a business-style letter addressed to a non-fictional professor, mission president, bishop, or employer (past or current), etc. seeking a (fictional or real) reference for admission to a school (or program), a scholarship, a job, or an internship. Specifics: 1. Use good business style Use block style (as described in the PowerPoint presentation shown in class and available on Blackboard in Assignments/Business Letter Assignments) Include all of the essential major parts of a business letter and optional elements as appropriate: Use your letterhead Include a date Give a complete address for the recipient (even if it is made up) A subject line is required, not optional Follow correct salutation and complimentary closing guidelines Create a full signature block, but your actual signature is optional You may indicate there is an enclosure without having to actually enclose the item (e.g., resume, addressed return envelope, etc.) 2. Contents Explain your request fully: Give enough background information to allow the reader to respond appropriately to your request (see more detail on page 2 under “Grading”) Make specific suggestions for the response
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320 PersuasiveLtr - MComm 320 Winter 2011 Assignment:...

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