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Sentence Basics Quiz For each of the following, indicate whether the underlined portion is a phrase (Ph), dependent clause (DC), or independent clause (IC). 1. Ph DC IC We have traveled this same route for four years. 2. Ph DC IC Even before mountain biking was popular , I enjoyed riding. 3. Ph DC IC Your bike has a flat tire . 4. Ph DC IC Pull the thorn from the front tire . Sentence Types Indicate whether each sentence is simple (S), compound (Cd), complex (Cx), or compound‐complex (CC). 5. S Cd Cx CC Although you ordered a new bike last month, the bike won’t be delivered for four weeks because of a shipping strike. 6. S Cd Cx CC Your complaint is justified but I can’t help you. 7. S Cd Cx CC Even before the shipping strike, normal shipments were averaging from six to eight weeks. 8. S Cd Cx CC Your money will be refunded if the bike doesn’t arrive on schedule. 9.
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