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320 Resume&CovLtr

320 Resume&CovLtr - MComm 320 Winter 2011...

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MComm 320 – Winter 2011 Assignment: RESUME & COVER LETTER Date due: Wednesday, March 16 Points: 24 for cover letter 12 for resume Description: Create a resume and a sample cover letter to accompany it Specifics for Resume : 1. Use your letterhead at the top of the resume (you may change the letterhead from the one turned in previously, if you wish) 2. Include at a minimum the following: Education : (in most cases, college students should list their education prior to their experience) Name & location of college, Major (and, possibly, minor) Degree expected (but don’t use the word “expected”) Date of expected graduation (but don’t use the words “expected,” “anticipated,” etc.) If more than one educational institution is listed, list the most current one first Consider listing your GPA and/or your major GPA Good place to list scholarships Include study abroad experiences here Only include high school if you want the recipient to know where you are from (e.g., give you a “home town” advantage)
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