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ADDITIONAL GRAMMAR-RELATED INFORMATION Regarding Capitalization (Excerpt from Edgar C. & Jean A. Alward’s Punctuation Plain & Simple) 1. Capitalize a person’s name and a person’s title when it precedes the name; days of the week, months of the year (not the seasons of the year), and special days; organizations and abbreviations of organizations; races and languages; historical periods, events, and documents; words pertaining to the Deity (in all religions); and personifications of objects and abstract concepts. 2. Capitalize the first word of a statement and a quoted sentence within a statement, but not a quoted phrase blended into a
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Unformatted text preview: sentence. 3. Capitalize high school, college, street, park, lake, river, country, company, society, institution, etc., when used as an essential part of a proper name. However, when used alone as a substitute for a proper name, each one appears in the lowercase form …. 4. Capitalize a noun designating a family relationship when substituted for a proper name. Is Dad home? My dad is home. Regarding Numbers I have discovered a discrepancy between Basics and Ober. Ober (Rule 5.12) shows either 5% or 5 percent as correct. Basics rule 3 of Numbers states that one should use numerals with percentages. Obviously, I will accept either....
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