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MComm 320 – Winter 2011 Initial Writing Assessment (6 pts.) This is due on Wednesday, January 12 . You are to both (1) bring a hard copy to class and (2) email a copy to gaylerock@aol.com . You will receive all six points so long as you follow the instructions and have no spelling errors that indicate you failed to use spell check. The purpose of this writing exercise is for you to demonstrate your current ability to do the following: Narrow a broad subject down to the sub-topics you wish to develop Arrange the sub-topics in some logical sequence (you may use headings) Write your information clearly Proofread to eliminate “mechanical” errors (e.g., spelling, punctuation) [You may use grammar and spell check, a dictionary, etc.] Follow directions
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Unformatted text preview: Your essay should be approximately one and a half to two pages long, double spaced (it is okay if it is longer than two pages). [Note: This is the only assignment where you will double space.] Choose from ONE of the following topics, and make your choice apparent in either the title of your paper and/or in your initial paragraph: Topic #1: Write about yourself. Some suggestions for narrowing this topic down include: (1) Summarize your college experiences thus far, good and/or bad (2) Summarize your life goals and how you plan to achieve them (3) Describe some dating experiences, nightmares or otherwise Topic #2: Write about the differences between life in another country versus life here in Utah or life in Utah versus life in another state....
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